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          How to control the quality of NdFeB permanent magnet products?

          Release time:Jan 12, 2017
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          NdFeB permanent magnet is also known as industrial monosodium in modern society. Acting as a kind of significant magnetic material with high performance in modern industry, it promotes the progress of contemporary technological field and society, and is widely applied to various fields. How to judge the most comprehensive advantages in permanent magnet products: 1. Magnetic property; 2. Size of magnet; 3. Surface coating.
          I. Magnetic property
          First of all, the essential point is to control the magnetic property of the raw material during production process.
          1.According to the business demands, the raw material manufacturer sinters intermediate-end or low-end NdFeB according to the stipulations in its national standard. Our company only sells high-end NdFeB.
          2.The advancement of production technology also decides the property and quality of the magnet.
          3.The quality monitoring during production process is very important.
          II. Shape, size and tolerance of the magnet
          To judge the quality from checking various shapes of NdFeB magnet, such as round, abnormal shape, square, tile shape and trapezoid. The material with different dimensions are cut and machined by adopting different machine tools. The advanced technology and machine operators decide the precision of the product.
          III. Treatment of surface coating
          Quality of the surface coating. Zinc, nickel, nickel-copper, copper plating, gold plating and other electroplating technologies could be option-selected according to customers’ requirements. To sum up, the quality of NdFeB products is decided by property control, dimension and tolerance control, appearance inspection and evaluation. The Gaussian surface and other tests are carried out to detect the magnetic flow. The precision of dimension and tolerance could be measured with vernier caliper. The coating quality could be judged from color, brightness, binding force of coating, and meanwhile could be assessed from observing whether the magnet surface is bright and clean, whether there is spot or falling edge and corner.
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