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          Product Introduction

          Specializes in producing series products with high magnetic energy product,
          high coercivity, low reversible temperature coefficient and low weightlessness
          Utilizes the technology of low heavy rare earth, reduces or without using heavy rare earth Dy, Tb.

          Formulation development

          Matreial Content Research, Reduce the Heavy Rare Earth Material.

          "  Magnetic steel- material, finish machining, electroplating technology  "

          Through continuous sintering, cast strip temperature-control, grain refinement, Dy spreading and so forth, the products are improved in property.

          The vacuum continuous sintering furnace, vacuum slice furnace, hydrogen crushed furnace and other advanced equipment are close to the control standard of technological parameter in Japan.

          The induction eddy current heat treatment could strengthen the coercivity by 1~2kOe on the basis of tempering magnet. It has no impact to residual magnetism and square degree, and meanwhile it is applicable to the magnet with various kinds of marks.

          "  The magnetic steel technology is standardized in requirement, and the detecting technique is breaking through  "

          Dimension and appearance detection---full-automatic visual detection, possesses professional automation R&D team, devotes itself to researching and manufacturing automated detecting equipment, so as to improve efficiency and quality.

          Conducts process capability analysis towards the assembly critical dimension or magnetic property, magnetic flow and other special properties, and analyzes otherness by utilizing MiniTab chart.

          The magnetic moment detector researched and developed by ourselves could realize 100% automatic complete inspection, reduce personal error, and sort out the qualified and overproof products. The fluctuation of single batch could be controlled at +/-1%. Zero-defect is realized before shipment.

          Suitable for precisely detecting multipole magnetization and single magnetic steel; also could realize the waveform detection of surface magnetic field to the rotor posted with magnetic steel. The accuracy doubles than that of manual gauss meter.

          State of the art Matsey automatic magnetic declination detecting instrument from Germany, could realize 100% complete detection and zero defect before shipment.

          Computes PC value, selects or customizes optimal mark in accordance with customers’ specification and operating temperature, assists customers in reducing cost.

          Could conduct analysis to the detection data ahead of controlling molding and sintering stage. Could control the homogeneity of the magnetic steel and N/S-pole fluctuation according to customers’ assembly characteristics, such as sensor and analogue simulation.

          Suitable for detecting multi-pole magnetization and single magnetic steel precisely; also could realize the waveform detection of surface magnetic field to the rotor posted with magnetic steel. The accuracy doubles than that of manual gauss meter.

          The magnetic steel is well in cleanliness and fine in viscosity. The gluing and assembly process are automated.

          "  Relevance between motor parameters and magnetic steel  "

          The company possesses professional engineer team to research the relevance between motor parameter and magnetic steel.

          Organization Chart